Fellowship Program Expectations and Requirements

Expectations and Requirements

Each Fellow must present at least one research seminar or colloquium on the Northeastern University campus during the academic year of the Fellowship.

Each Fellow also must give at least one presentation on their research at a national or international conference during the academic year of the Fellowship. All publications, conference presentations, and seminars authored or co-authored by the Fellow must acknowledge support by the Northeastern University Future Faculty Fellowship Program.

As the Future Faculty Fellowship program is designed to help the Fellow build a research portfolio towards their future academic success, Fellows are not required to teach courses at Northeastern University but may deliver occasional guest lectures.

Fellows are encouraged to participate in grant/foundation proposal writing and in outreach activities, in addition to the customary activities of postdoctoral fellows: research, publication, and presentation.

The Northeastern University faculty member(s) and the host discipline(s) department chair(s) supervising the Fellow must agree to furnish the laboratory/office space, supplies, and the Fellow’s access to equipment/research supports that are needed for the Fellow’s proposed research for the entire year.

The research project(s) to be carried out by the Fellow may be conducted in collaboration with the Northeastern University Principal Investigator(s) of the host discipline(s). Fellows are especially encouraged to pursue independent research.