Parking and Directions


The 2023 New Faculty Orientation, offered by the Office of the Provost, consists of a three-day event. While Monday, August 21 will be held remotely, Tuesday, August 22 and Wednesday, August 23 will be held in-person on the Boston campus.

If you plan to drive to campus for college or departmental events, you should park in the Columbus Garage located at 795 Columbus Avenue, directly across the street from the Lightview Apartment Building. The complimentary campus parking accommodations mentioned below are only valid for this parking area, which is reserved for faculty, staff, and students.

If you take public transportation, be sure to visit the MBTA Alerts website for updates on transportation service. Note that with the Sumner Tunnel closure in August, RideShare travel from Logan Airport can be problematic. It is recommended to utilize the MBTA, where they offer free trips on the MBTA Blue Line.

Take the MBTA subway Green Line ā€œEā€ service to the Northeastern University stop or the Orange Line service to the Ruggles stop. Additional public transportation options can be found on the MBTA website.

The Columbus Parking Garage (coded CPG) is located in quadrants B3 and C3 on the campus map, along with the MBTA stops. The New Faculty Orientation registration desk is located on the first floor (above the ground floor) in the Curry Student Center (CSC) in quadrant C2 on the campus map.

Complementary Parking Access for Orientation: (August 22 ā€“ 23, 2023)

This pass allows for free parking at the Columbus Garage from 6am-8pm on their respective dates.

Using the pass:

  • Upon entering Columbus Garage, take a parking ticket as you normally would.
  • Upon exiting Columbus Garage, scan the entry ticket first and then scan the parking pass barcode to validate the price.

Parking access link:

Colombus Garage Parking Pass

Navigating Campus

Campus Map Link

At your convenience, consider registering for an in-person tour of the Boston campus led by a current student Husky Ambassador. Tour information can be found on the Northeastern University Admissions website.