Criminology: Vol 61, No 1 features 3 Northeastern SCCJ faculty

The first 3 articles are authored by SCCJ faculty members Megan Denver, Eric Piza and Cassie McMillan.

These articles are the following:

“[It’s] what you do after the mistake that counts”: Positive employment credentials, criminal record stigma, and potential pathways to mediation – Megan Denver, Samuel E. DeWitt

Changing contexts: A quasi-experiment examining adolescent delinquency and the transition to high school – Brittany N. Freelin, Cassie McMillan, Diane Felmlee, D. Wayne Osgood

Situational factors and police use of force across micro-time intervals: A video systematic social observation and panel regression analysis – Eric L. Piza, Nathan T. Connealy, Victoria A. Sytsma, Vijay F. Chillar

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