ReDI Leadership Program

For professors who show promise for leadership on a wider scale.

Initiated in fall 2012, ReDI is a leadership program for associate and early full professors who show promise for leadership on a wider scale. ReDI participants come from all disciplines.  The university actively seeks to recruit into each year’s ReDI cohort a diverse group of faculty members, and ReDI intentionally prepares faculty members to lead across differences of working styles, approaches, backgrounds, and disciplines.

The ReDI program spans six months, requires 40-50 hours of commitment from participants, and comprises three major activities:

  • Workshops aimed at developing participants’ self-awareness as a leader in addition to specific leadership capabilities
  • Team work in a cohort challenge that investigates an important challenge facing the university and culminates with recommendations presented to the Provost’s leadership team
  • Meetings with university leaders and administrators on how the university works and what motivates their own leadership.

ReDI Selection Process

The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (VPAA) annually solicits faculty nominations from each college dean. Each nominee is vetted within their college and all nominees must be supported by their department chair (where applicable) as well as their dean in order to advance to the Provost’s Office.  The VPAA then reviews nominations and invites selected participants.  Faculty members nominated but not placed in a given year’s cohort will be considered for subsequent years.  Faculty members interested in being nominated to ReDI should speak with their department chair and/or dean.

ReDI Value to Past Faculty Participants

The ReDI leadership experience provides not only new skills and time for their application, but also an opportunity for faculty members to reflect on their career aspirations in their totality. Past ReDI participants have this to say about their experiences in the program:

“Thinking of the analogy of the orchestra, I used to think that it was fine to play an instrument and to play it well, but now I see that I need to take a step back and be a conductor and a leader.”

“I really needed to understand the ramifications around establishing multi-disciplinary degrees from a top-down and bottom-up perspective and my cohort challenge was *extremely* helpful in that regard. I would not have gotten such a broad perspective had I not been in the cohort. So I am very grateful my dean got me into ReDI.”

“Now I’m taking over the rather large grant with two other universities and I am not afraid to do so because ReDI showed me how to deal with it and what to do what not to do.”

“I think it’s a fantastic program and it really did feel luxurious to think about my own career and to be encouraged to think about my career was fantastic.”

“Participation in ReDI definitely played a role in my decision to pursue and accept (a leadership position) just because I felt more comfortable I think with tools that I might use and approaches that I might take, again things I learned from the program, seeing what other people in similar sort of positions were pursuing, . . . [and,] again, a general feeling that the university felt that I could do this so I was supported in it.

Most Recent Cohort

Previous ReDI Cohorts

Nicole (Niki) Boyson

Associate Professor of Finance


Özlem Ergun

Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Lori Gardinier

Director and Associate Teaching Professor of the Human Services Program


Laura Green

Professor of English


Stephen Intille

Associate Professor of Computer & Information Science; Health Sciences


Carolyn Lee-Parsons

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering; Chemistry & Chemical Biology


Carla Mattos

Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Shan Mohammed

Associate Clinical Professor of Health Services


Mark Niedre

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Nicole Aljoe

Director of African American Studies & Associate Professor of English


Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra

Professor of International Business & Strategy


Carlos Cuevas

Associate Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice


Yunsi Fei

Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Greg Goodale

Associate Professor of Communication Studies


Elizabeth P. Howard

Associate Professor of Nursing


Rachel Jones

Associate Professor of Nursing


Jamie Ladge

Associate Professor of Management & Organizational Development


Alisa Lincoln

Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology


Carol Livermore

Associate Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Kristin Madison

Professor of Law and Health Sciences


Marilyn Minus

Associate Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Beth Molnar

Associate Professor of Health Sciences


Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Professor of Computer Science


Antonio Ocampo-Guzman

Associate Professor of Theatre


Armen Stepanyants

Associate Professor of Physics

Elizabeth Bucar

Associate Professor of Religious Studies


Jennifer Dy

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Deniz Erdogmus

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Amy Farrell

Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Veronica Godoy-Carter

Associate Professor of Biology


Jonathan Grabowski

Associate Professor of Marine and Environmental Sciences


Neal Lerner

Associate Professor of English


Stacy Marsella

Professor of Computer and Information Science, Psychology


Hilary Poriss

Associate Professor of Music


Carmen Sceppa

Professor and Chair of Health Sciences


Anand Venkateswaran

Associate Professor of Finance


Kate Ziemer

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum

Rebecca Carrier

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering


Jack Dennerlein

Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences


Magy Seif El-Nasr

Associate Professor of Computer Science & Director of Game Educational Programs and Research


Natasha Frost

Associate Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice & Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice


April Gu

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Matthew Hunt

Professor of Sociology & Chair of Sociology and Anthropology


Ying-Yee Kong

Associate Professor of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology


Latika Menon

Associate Professor of Physics


Guevara Noubir

Professor of Computer Science


Sandra Shefelbine

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Michael Tolley

Associate Professor of Political Science


Steve Vollmer

Associate Professor of Biology

Jay Aslam

Professor of Computer and Information Science, Associate Dean of Faculty


Penny Beuning

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Tim Bickmore

Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science


Heather Clark

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Science


Erin Cram

Associate Professor of Biology


Elizabeth Maddock Dillon

Professor and Chair of English


Auroop Ganguly

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Jessica Hoffman

Associate Professor of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology


Pete Manolios

Professor of Computer Science


Shashi Murthy

Professor of Chemical Engineering


Rupal Patel

Professor of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and Computer and Information Science


Nate Rickles

Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences


Jeff Ruberti

Professor of Bioengineering


Heather Streets-Salter

Chair of History, Associate Professor of History