The College Faculties

  1. The several college faculties comprise faculty members who are primarily concerned with teaching and/or research in one of the instructional units listed in Section 2 below.1

    College faculties are presided over by the deans of the colleges, and minutes of meetings are prepared and circulated to all concerned.Each college faculty has specific responsibility for the following matters, subject to review and approval by the Board of Trustees or their delegates:

    1. Programs of study offered by the college;
    2. Entrance requirements of the college;
    3. Academic standards of the college;
    4. Recommendation of candidates for baccalaureate degrees in the college and for advanced degrees earned in the graduate programs;
    5. Consultation on and review of all educational programs offered in other divisions of the university which are related to the subject-matter field of the college.
  2. The colleges are the academic units with full-time faculty and degree-granting authority as follows:
    1. Bouvé College of Health Sciences
    2. College of Arts, Media and Design
    3. Khoury College of Computer Sciences
    4. College of Engineering
    5. College of Professional Studies
    6. College of Science
    7. College of Social Sciences and Humanities
    8. D’Amore-McKim School of Business
    9. School of Law
    10. Mills College at Northeastern.
  3. Although instructional departments are assigned for administrative convenience to one of the colleges, each instructional department is responsible for offering the courses in its field that may be needed by students in any of the colleges.
  4. The college faculties may adopt rules and regulations for their own operation consistent with the bylaws of the university, the faculty bylaws set forth herein, and policies established by the Board of Trustees, the president, the provost, and the Faculty Senate.

  1. Except for the Department of Military Science (ROTC) which is an independent department of the university responsible for its own administrative functions. The staff is assigned by the Department of the Army, subject to university approval. The department operates within the framework of policies and procedures established by the university and within the guidelines established by Army regulations. Individual courses are open to all students, while those students who desire to participate in the full program must meet established qualifications. The courses are presented concurrent with, and in conjunction with, the student’s normal academic schedule. Air Force and Navy ROTC Programs are offered to Northeastern students on the Boston University campus.