1. The decision to use instructional media in any form resides with the individual faculty member responsible for the instructional sequences under consideration and the faculty member’s department.
  2. The objectives and content of instructional media courses and programs are the responsibility of the faculty member developing the instructional sequences and the faculty member’s department. Suggestions, criticisms, and major revisions may be proposed by the instructional media specialist, but only in an advisory capacity.
  3. The University may withhold or, after reasonable notice, withdraw its support from the development, production, or implementation of an instructional method, device, or system whose design its authorized officials considers inadequate to achieve the proposed objectives or to carry the proposed content.
  4. Decisions concerning the award of academic credit (how much, if any) for courses offered by means of various instructional media are the responsibility of the faculty of the College in which the students are enrolled.
  5. Appropriate authorship or other credits should be given to any faculty or staff member who substantially assists the development or production of instructional media.
  6. Any faculty member is free to develop instructional media entirely on the faculty member’s own time and without formally involving the University. In such cases, the faculty member has full ownership of the media so developed.
  7. When instructional media are being developed with the assistance of the University, a written agreement should be executed between the University and the cooperating faculty. The purpose of such agreements should be to facilitate the free flow of ideas and information and the maximum utilization of instructional media. The agreement should address the following where relevant:
    1. the portion of the normal academic load of the faculty member to be committed to the project;
    2. authorship or other credits;
    3. arrangements for the sale, lease and gratuitous lending of the media;
    4. royalty payments from net income derived from the marketing of the media;
    5. provisions for subsequent use, revision, or withdrawal of the media; and
    6. provisions for arbitration of unresolved issues.
  8. Full ownership of instructional media developed in the manner described above is vested in Northeastern University, unless otherwise provided by written contract.

  1. Endorsed by Faculty Senate 20 November 1969. Adopted as University Policy by Board of Trustees 9 January 1970. This policy applies to any University employee engaged in these activities.