Mid Career Faculty

We  support our faculty members and all their success

Northeastern University supports faculty members and their successes from the day they enter to the day they retire. For newly tenured associate professors, the granting of tenure both recognizes a faculty member’s professional contributions and accomplishments while opening the door to a distinctive and challenging career phase. The freedom of intellectual thought and action that comes with tenure provides faculty members with the opportunity to build on accomplishments, but also to take new risks, forge new collaborations, and pursue problems across disciplinary boundaries. Tenured associate professors are also expected to take on wider roles in college governance and service, and to join their senior colleagues in helping to guide the University toward its future.

Recognizing the broad scope of the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges encountered by associate professors, Northeastern in 2012-13 inaugurated a mentoring program aimed specifically at tenured associate professors. Events for associate professors include workshops on the full professor promotion process, on forming post-tenure career plans, on launching new research projects, and on leadership in academic life.