Presence at the University1

Academic year faculty appointments begin, and faculty are expected to report, on the Monday preceding the week in which fall term classes begin and continue through the end of spring commencement. Temporary absence for faculty members during the period when their contract requires them to be in attendance shall be arranged in accordance with procedures of the academic unit. Each faculty member is responsible for the delivery of assigned courses and is required to attend such classes, make themselves available to students, and make such assignments as will fulfill the intent of the course.

Summer term appointments for faculty begin on the Monday of the week in which the summer term classes begin. Such appointments end on the Friday of the week in which the summer term grades are due.

Faculty members will be consulted in the assignment of courses before they are posted with the registrar. Faculty members will be provided reasonable schedules. A faculty member may be excused from teaching at particular times of the day by the Dean of the College or the Dean’s designee, at the Dean’s discretion, if demonstrated hardship or unusual circumstances warrant.

  1. Promulgated by the Provost on 11/27/1979; revised by the Faculty Senate on 4/22/2002 and approved by the Board of Trustees on 6/14/2002; current language approved by the Faculty Senate 4/18/18 and approved by the Board of Trustees on 6/8/2018.