1. Time of Retirement

    There is currently no mandatory retirement age for employees of Northeastern University. Any faculty member may opt for an early retirement program, the details of which are set forth in the current Retirement Policy.

  2. Reemployment of a Retired Tenured Faculty Member2

    By special authorization of the President, any retired and formerly tenured faculty member may be reemployed for definite periods of time not to exceed one year each. Contributions to the retirement plan for such faculty member will not be continued during such periods of reemployment.

  3. Criteria and Benefits for University Retirees

    Benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible to be classified as university retirees, provided they have satisfied the criteria outlined in the current Retirement Policy. The benefits for university retirees are outlined in the current Retirement Policy.

  4. Emeritus Status 3

    Full-time faculty members who are classified as university retirees shall be granted emeritus recognition upon retirement from the University.

    Persons who were tenured faculty members and had a combination of administrative and teaching responsibilities while in service at the University may, upon retirement, with the approval of the President, have the designation emeritus added to their senior administrative title. On a case-by-case basis to be decided by the President, other senior administrators may be considered for the emeritus designation.

    Emeritus faculty retain the academic rank held at the time of retirement, modified by the incorporation of the Emeritus designation. If applicable, this title includes modifiers such as “Teaching,” “Clinical,” “Research,” or “of the Practice.” However, honorific titles, including named professorships, are not incorporated into the Emeritus designation.

  1. Revised by the Faculty Senate on April 22, 2020 and approved by the Provost and Board of Trustees on June 5, 2020.
  2. Promulgated by the Executive Council of the University, March, 1979, revised 4 May 1982.
  3. Promulgated by the Executive Council of the University, 20 April 1977. For a list of the benefits carried with emeritus status, consult the Handbook of Benefits and Services