Non-retaliation for Participation in Faculty Governance1

  1. Northeastern University prohibits retaliation against faculty for participation in faculty governance matters as described within the Faculty Handbook and college or department procedures. Examples of participation covered by this policy include, but are not limited to, participation in or abstention from elections or votes provided for by the Handbook; participation in standing committees, ad hoc committees or the Faculty Senate; disclosures made during a peer review process; and participation in grievance or other procedures provided by the Handbook.
  2. For purposes of this section, prohibited retaliation is adverse action by the University due to a faculty member’s participation in governance matters including:
    1. Adverse employment actions related to work assignments, salary, vacation or other leaves or benefits;
    2. Termination of employment or non-renewal of contract;
    3. Unlawful discrimination or the instigation or perpetuation of a hostile work environment;
    4. Intimidation or threats of any of the above.
  3. Note that an adverse employment action or disciplinary action for conduct or performance that is unrelated to participating in faculty governance matters described above will not be grounds for a grievance or other formal complaint nor deemed or construed as a violation of this section.

  1. Passed by the Faculty Senate 1.30.17; approved by the Board of Trustees 4.14.17