Statement of the Faculty Senate1

The Faculty Handbook represents a distillation of the policies related to University governance and faculty rights. Many of the sections of this Handbook originated as actions by the Faculty Senate, Provost, President and/or Board of Trustees. All sections of this Handbook apply to all Full-time Faculty2 unless otherwise specified.

To the extent that modification and revision of the Handbook do not constitute simple updating of factual materials, or changes to conform to applicable laws, we believe that collegiality requires continued consultation between the Faculty Senate, the Provost and the President in order to maintain the vitality of this document as the basis of University governance. While acknowledging the Board of Trustees has the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the University, it is the position of the Faculty Senate that:

  1. Substantive changes to this Handbook, for which procedures are not already mandated by the Handbook itself, require the approval of the Faculty Senate;
  2. All stages of approval related to modifications of this Handbook shall be documented on the Faculty Senate website;
  3. Digital archives of Faculty Senate business shall be maintained through Faculty Senate governance;
  4. The Handbook, along with approved modifications and Senate meeting minutes, must be archived, and must be available in digital form to all faculty in a timely manner.

It is the position of the Faculty Senate that planning and implementation processes at all levels of University administration should reflect the fact that full-time faculty members carry special responsibilities with respect to creation and maintenance of high quality curricula, research programs, nurture of students in the educational process, and overall leadership of the institution.

  1. Current language was approved by the Faculty Senate on 4/4/2018 and by the Board of Trustees on 4/13/2018.  Amended by the Faculty Senate on 2/25/1991. Original version approved by the Faculty Senate on 6/13/1988. Reaffirmed by the Faculty Senate on 5/7/1990, with the additional resolution:


    1. That the administration shall consult with the Senate Agenda Committee on any proposed revisions in the Faculty Handbook;
    2. That the Agenda Committee shall review all such proposed revisions;
    3. That, unless the Agenda Committee unanimously agrees that the proposed revisions do not substantially alter existing policies, the Agenda committee shall present the revisions in question to the Senate for discussion and vote.”
  2. The Full-time Faculty consists of two categories: Tenure-Track & Tenured Faculty and Non Tenure-track Faculty.