Tenure Review Process Workshops

Third Year Review Workshop

The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs leads a discussion on the process of the third year review and provides information to junior faculty on how to prepare for this important review. This workshop is offered every fall. The Faculty Handbook describes the third year review:

“During the third or fourth year of a faculty member’s tenure-track period, the unit will conduct a comprehensive review of the faculty member’s performance relative to the University’s criteria for tenure. Each unit will develop procedures for this review, which must be approved by the dean and the Provost. The review will culminate in a written evaluation that makes a recommendation for reappointment or non-reappointment and discusses the reasons for the recommendation.”

Tenure Process Workshop

The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs leads a discussion on the tenure review process and provides junior faculty strategies on dossier preparation. Junior faculty mentors, department chairs, associate deans, and departmental staff involved in the tenure process are welcomed at this workshop. See the Faculty Handbook and the Model Tenure and Promotion Dossier for more detailed information.

Preparing for the Mid-Course Review

This information session demystifies the process of the mid-course review while offering guidance and opportunities for questions.

Presenter: Deb Franko, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Northeastern University