Senate Agenda Committee

  • Arranges the agenda for all Senate meetings, submits all assignments to standing committees, and establishes ad hoc committees for special studies whenever necessary, and receives and reviews committee reports.
  • Provides a regular channel for consultation and communication between the faculty and administration in matters of new programs, planning, and University policy by meeting regularly with the President and the Provost of the University.
  • Participates on University-level committees that affect the academic endeavors of the University, including those dealing with issues such as financial planning and technology policy.
  • Meets at least once each year with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees to report on Senate actions and issues coming before the Senate, and to discuss matters of mutual concern.

Susan Powers-Lee

COS - Biology - SAC Chair
Erdogmus, Deniz

Deniz Erdogmus

COE - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dennerlein, Jack

Jack Dennerlein

Fall Term - BCHS - Physical Therapy
Dyal-Chand, Rashmi

Rashmi Dyal-Chand

SOL - School Of Law-Academic
Kaeli, David

David Kaeli

COE - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lerner, Neal

Neal Lerner

CSSH - English
Hayward, Lorna

Lorna Hayward

Spring Term - BCHS - Physical Therapy

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